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All events and projects are planned out and ratified by small committee groups made of Association members and interested members outside of our Association. We have tendered financing through resident dues, fund raisers, and donations to support these projects and events.

Community Garden


Our Victorine Q. Adams Community Garden is a beacon in the center of The Hanlon Park Community. It has been rooted in the community for six years and has sprouted into a charming flower and vegetable habitat for humanity.With the help of numerous members of our community we have grown enough produce to supply The St Cecilia’s Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry with over two hundred pounds of fresh veggies. Our oasis also renders vegetables throughout the community...{READ MORE}

Annual Community Barbeque


The Victorine Q. Adams Community Barbecue is a production of The 3200 Carlisle Block Association Inc. It is an opportunity for residents of the community to meet and greet with one another and present community information on a personal level. The 3200 Carlisle Block Association has...{READ MORE}

Community Lawn Sale


2013 was a banner year for our newest project. The community lawn sale is a pet project of long time lawn sale activist, Mrs. Janice West. She has partnered with Mrs. Veronica Parker of 3205 Vickers Rd and introduced a network yard sale for all members of community...{READ MORE}

Clean Block Community Competition


Our mission states in its constitutional by-laws, written by Mr. R. E Robison of 3217 Carlisle Ave., “The mission of this Association shall be …, participation in coordinative task necessary for the maintenance of a healthy environmental condition of all aspects of the neighborhood through mutual consent of actions for the good of all members of the Association.” In accordance to our mission we have embarked on a two year campaign...{READ MORE}

Snow Removal Service


A snow removal service is made available to all residents on a block by block and house by house assignment. We were disabled as a community and a city in the 2010 year with a powerful blizzard. This storm was doubled two days later with an additional snow dumping, which left us crippled from moving our cars are even walking to them...{READ MORE}

Hanlon Improvement Association, Inc.


The Hanlon Improvement Association, Inc. has been a long time leader in pour community. It dates back over forty years and has implemented social and environmental change within our community. Our 3200 Carlisle Block Association, Inc. is part of her fabric and is a result of her actions. We are the result of a program to have a network of block associations tied into the Hanlon Improvement Association. We are proud to be a member of President Wanda Kelly’s group and support all the programs they introduce to the community.

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