The 3200 Carlisle Block Association, Inc. originated the date of August 10.2008. This came to fruition as a response to several non-civic and criminal actions from renters and transients of our community. Twenty two concerned residents of 3200 and 3100 Carlisle Ave. decided to form an alliance to improve living conditions of our invested properties. On that day a block captain was voted in to office and a petition was signed to initiate condition change at a particular nuisance neighbor of our block. We were strengthened after 8 months of actions and help from the landlord and civil courts rendered a successful enterprise. It was realized that as a community we could initiate change in our immediate community.

The 3200 Carlisle Block Association, Inc., has developed a trustee board of four residents: Warren Shaw, Block Captain; William Gwynn, treasurer; Janice West, secretary and Katrina Shaw communications director.


The Association has been successful reaching out to not just members of our two community blocks, but also neighboring blocks, community groups and organizations, political and civic leaders, schools churches and businesses. It is through this outreach we have had success with five years of presenting our community barbecue, tree plantings, acquiring a granite memorial and having it erected at our community garden and commons grounds, receiving legal advice, a new trash can at the corner bus stop, utility poles painted, over grown trees cut away from electric lines, contributions from our community garden to the St. Cecelia’s food bank and soup kitchen, Gospel Jubilee, Three days of a city dumpster placed on street for community bulk dumping, Community yard sale and rehabilitating and adopting two Baltimore City lots as well as developing it into a community garden and commons ground. Resident networking is the vitality that keeps our association alive.